[dropcap]To[/dropcap] come up with our Oklahomans of the Year (p. 38), we spend a few months talking to different people around the state. There are many Oklahomans who make a difference in the lives of others, and choosing among them is a difficult task that results in an extensive list with a lot of variety.

After Nov. 13, however, things changed. Almost every list of suggestions we received started including the same person. Every email I received, every phone call I made, I heard the same name again and again: “Leon Russell.”

As contributing editor John Wooley writes in his article, it’s time.

All four of our Oklahomans of the Year exemplify what it means to be a great Oklahoman. Each has his or her own way of helping others, each represents Oklahoma in a way in which we can all be proud.

Also in this issue, we talk about how to get your fitness plan on track. Many people will be heading to the gym this month to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions; far fewer will still be going in three months. Be sure to check out our fitness feature (p. 44) to hear from people who learned to love fitness.

Finally, January is our annual wedding guide (p. 67), which coincides with The Oklahoma Wedding Show on Jan. 14 at Expo Square’s Central Park Hall. If you or someone you know is getting married this year, this is a can’t-miss feature and show. Be sure to check out both.

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