You could go to any restaurant offering burritos, tacos and other staples of the Mexican food menu. Or, you could discover that there’s more to dishes from south of the border than quesadillas and refried beans. Mamaveca Mexican & Peruvian Restaurant has impressed Norman and the Oklahoma metro area with its Peruvian menu that includes varieties of ceviche and seafood-based dishes flavored with saffron, pepper sauces and traditions from the South America country. Mamaveca owners William and Monica Chunga, who are from Peru, spice up their menu with surprising takes on Chinese-style fried rice, sautéed noodles and tempura classics. And yes, there are Mexican classics such as tacos, fajitas and chiles rellenos, often served with sides of fresh sliced tomatoes, avocado, seasoned rice and refried beans. Ordered with a cool mango margarita or ice-cold Mexican beer and followed with the flan, dining at Mamaveca is a Latin American dining experience that many guests will remember well after the tab is paid. 2551 W. Hemphill Drive, Norman.

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