Trained in classic French cuisine, chef Rachel Foster and her husband John created Moni’s Pasta & Pizza, providing unforgettable meals. Start yours with mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat and baked in marsala wine cream sauce, topped with mozzarella. Or, go for the toasted caprese with tomatoes, basil leaves, spinach and balsamic reduction. Nero e verde brims of the sea with steamed green and black mussels, lemon, onion and garlic in a chardonnay broth with grilled zucchini. Pasta comfort includes “little ear” orecchiette with Canadian bacon in creamy pink vodka sauce. Named for the chef, ‘Risotto di Rachel’ features grilled salmon with made-to-order toasted walnut and spinach risotto. Don’t miss from-scratch New Jersey-style, thin crust, hand-tossed pizza. Sweet finishes include the light, citrus mascarpone sponge cake goodness of limoncello. – TL; 17200 N. May Ave., Ste 700, Edmond;

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