Creative Mediterranean and vegan dishes beckon from the Nabiti menu, including the Zaatar pizza, a sublime perfection of herbs, olive oil and tomatoes, and the classic veggie with olives, onion, green peppers, marinara and mushrooms. Entrées can be gluten free, like the Majadarah, a platter of rice with lentil beans, fried onions and salata. Sandwiches include a pita or wrap version of falafel with hummus, tomato and lettuce dressed with garlic tahini. Salads offer the house tabbouleh with parsley, quinoa, tomato and cucumber. Sides are plentiful, like stuffed grape leaves, cabbage rolls, baba ganoush, roasted potatoes, rice and cooked vegetables. Don’t forget the baklava in pistachio, chocolate, coconut and pumpkin spice. 7101 N.W. Expressway, Oklahoma City;

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