Rhinoplasty, or the “nose job,” is one of the most commonly known forms of cosmetic surgery available today, but is it right for you?

Well, that depends on what you want. But it comes down to this: If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a schnoz you just don’t like, odds are there’s a way to fix the problem, no matter what the reason is.

“The most common reason why somebody would like to have a rhinoplasty is because their nose is bigger than they would like to have,” says Dr. Tim Love, an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Oklahoma City.

According to Love, rhinoplasty can be adapted to fix a whole wide range of problems, from a bridge that feels too wide, a tip that seems too long or nostrils that seem too big — but it all comes down to what you want. Though the costs for the procedure run into the regions of the upper four-digits, in the hands of a capable, board-certified surgeon, the results can be incredibly satisfying.

The best advice Love has for anyone seeking cosmetic surgery of any kind is finding a qualified, board-certified surgeon to take on the task. “Prices may vary based on the quality of what you’re getting,” he says. “The internet’s a great tool – do your homework.”

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