Photo courtesy Amy Belgardt.
Photo courtesy Amy Belgardt.

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[dropcap]Mother[/dropcap], foodie and content creator Amy Belgardt got her start in 2008 when she created her blog, where she posts daily content made for parents balancing life, work and raising children. Originating in Edmond, MomSpark gained a following of loyal readers with its regular updates featuring DIY projects, fashion, cooking recipes and travel logs. “It started as a hobby. I was a stay-at-home mom looking for an outlet where I could communicate with other moms. When you are a single mom, you are inside the house a lot – especially when your kids are little – and it was a way that I could have a community, a tribe, but not have to leave the house,” Belgardt says. When social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook gained popularity, MomSpark jumped on board, delivering fresh content for every parent directly to their news feeds. On her YouTube channel, Belgardt creates short-form video content for her subscribers that covers parenting ideas, step-by-step cooking recipes and beauty tips. With over 200,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, Belgardt has truly made a name for herself as a premier Oklahoma-based content creator. You can also follow MomSpark on SnapChat, where Belgardt regularly posts behind-the-scenes videos of the content creation process. When asked about her online presence, Belgardt says it isn’t just for parents. “No matter what your interests are, you’re going to find something of value on MomSpark, and hopefully you can be inspired by the ideas there and have a good time. It’s light, inspirational and easy to consume.”

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