Considered the longest-running family-owned Italian joint in the state, Papa Dio’s is manned by three generations of staff, including current owner Candace Gideo. The casual, family-side dining room is perfect for signature dishes like fried pizza or your favorite classic pasta. The award-winning wine bar side is anchored by antique wood and comfortable luxury, perfect for a chef’s special from the Tuscan fusion menu. Start your meal with an appetizer like calamari grand filets, proudly made with strips of squid – “no rings and tentacles here,” says the website – and served with house cocktail sauce and marinara. Decisions abound among entrées; perhaps you’ll enjoy the veal al dio sauteed in olive oil and simmered in marinara sauce with diced onions and mushrooms. Desserts include freshly made cannolis. 10712 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City;

Photo courtesy Papa Dio’s

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