Photo by Henry Laurisch (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Henry Laurisch (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons.

Thursday, May 21  

This Canadian synthpop duo garnered attention in 2012 with its first record, Shrines, combining whimsical vocal melodies with an unconventional, electronic pixy landscape. Until the release of its first track, “Ungirthed,” there wasn’t anything out there quite like it. Warm. Transending. Dream-like. The music is equal parts a soundtrack to a movie shot on Venus and a message in a bottle from the distant future. Purity Ring is made up of Megan James and Corin Roddick, whose artistic talents extend beyond music to include the visual presentation that accompanies each live performance. With Roddick’s custom-built, glowing percussion lanterns and unusual hand-made attire designed by James, Purity Ring stands out as a band whose goal with each performance is to deliver its complete artistic vision, both visually and auditorily. The duo’s latest album, another eternity, dropped in March and instantly became a standout sophomore release from the talented pair. Thursday, May 21, Purity Ring graces the stage of Tulsa’s Cain’s Ballroom with a performance that is sure to be unique and other-worldly. Tickets to the show start at $20. To reserve your seat on the spaceship, visit

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