Of the 32 state parks in Oklahoma, one of the most popular is Beavers Bend. Whether it’s hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, biking, boating, river rafting or even scuba diving, Beavers Bend offers just about everything. In April, the park will add one more arrow to its quiver of “on target” destinations: 3D archery.

April 1-3, Beavers Bend will host the Black Rifle Coffee Company Total Archery Challenge. Held in scenic venues like Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and a variety of locations around the U.S., Total Archery Challenge (T.A.C.) brings its popular event to Oklahoma for the first time ever in 2022.

“We professionally design our archery courses to test the marksmanship of all skill levels,” according to totalarcherychallenge.com. “Each event includes over 100 3D targets which challenge shooters to adjust for distances, angles and natural obstacles. In addition to our main courses, we have a Future Champions course for beginner youth and other novelty shots to win major prizes like a new truck.”

T.A.C.’s owner Sean DeGrey says they had looked at other sites in Oklahoma, but it took a couple of years to find the perfect location. Once they found Beavers Bend, DeGrey says “we were sure we’d found [it].” 

He continues: “We wanted to do something for people in Oklahoma and east Texas who were traveling great distances to events, and now there’s something right in their backyard.”

This year is T.A.C.’s 10th anniversary of the challenge, which according to DeGrey is an event of camaraderie. Frequent T.A.C. participant, Darlene Fugett, of Paris, Texas, echoes this sentiment. 

“It’s a strong community, very family-oriented.” 

Fugett started shooting in 2015 and won shooter of the year in her first tournament. She loves the Total Archery Challenge because it combines archery with hiking, stalking and endurance. 

“It pushes you to be your best,” she says.

Dan Horgan, director of special projects for the event’s main sponsor, Black Rifle Coffee Company, expanded his arsenal to archery several years ago when his company presented him with a bow. He has shot the T.A.C. course in Snowbird, Utah and Big Sky, Mont., and is looking forward to the first T.A.C. in Oklahoma.

Entry fees, accommodations and an event schedule are available at totalarcherychallenge.com.

Archery Terms

Arm-guard / Bracer: Protective arm covering for bow-arm, usually plastic, metal or leather

Bouncer (Bounce-out): An arrow that strikes the target, then falls to the ground

Bowyer: Bow-maker

Broadhead: Arrow point used in hunting, v-shaped with two or more cutting edges

Draw: Pulling the bowstring

Minnowing / Fishtailing: Movement of arrow from side to side during flight

Fletching/Vane: The feathers or coloured plastic “wings” attached to the rear of an arrow

Gold: Center of the target, often colored yellow

Gold shyness / Gold fever / Target Panic: Affliction where archer cannot hold the sight in the gold

Longbow: Single-piece bow in traditional archery

Loose / Release: The action of releasing the string

Nib / Pile / Point: The pointed metal device inserted at the tip of the arrow

Nock: Plastic device at the end of an arrow in which the string is placed

Porpoising: Movement of arrow up and down during flight

Quiver: Pouch, usually worn around the waist or on the back, used to hold arrows and other accessories

Shaft: The body of an arrow

Toxophilite: Archer

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