With a smartphone, iPad or laptop, you can remotely monitor and control virtually every electric and electronic device throughout your home interconnected with a fully automated security system. A “smart house” system provides more benefits than just outsmarting the crooks.

“When I arm my system, it automatically adjusts the thermostat, turns off the lights and locks the doors,” says Josh Jones, general manager of TnT Security Systems. And parents can even receive an automatic text or email when their children get home from school, he adds.

According to Clint Morrison, vice president of Advance Alarms, the options of today’s systems are so extensive that homeowners can even monitor their home’s back-up generator.

“If the generator powers up, we are notified that the home has had a power outage,” says Morrison.

Cellular transmission and wireless components are the two driving innovations in current automated systems providing a new level of control, accessibility and connection with the home. This eliminates the need for a traditional telephone landline and opens endless possibilities for remote 24/7 access to your home and family.

Jones recalls a recent trip to Oklahoma City.

“A workman needed to get inside our home. I was able to disarm the alarm system and unlock the door, all from 100 miles away,” says Jones.

Safety concerns beyond the typical home invasion or break-ins are also addressed with automated home systems by integrating heat monitors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitoring and even flood detection.

Morrison says they often install a flood monitor in kitchens.

“A small leak over time can damage wood floors, so this provides peace of mind,” he says.

It’s all about lifestyle management. Video surveillance cameras can be placed throughout the property and live streamed while at work. Forgot to turn off the lights? No problem. Plus you’ll never have to arrive home to a dark house. And because the system is synced to the homeowner’s zip code, text messages are sent whenever there is a severe weather alert.

A home automation system can also provide peace of mind and convenience for families when at home. In addition to controlling lights, locks, thermostats, appliances and even window coverings, activities around the house can also be monitored, such as when certain doors open, notifying parents when children go in or out.

Technological innovations have made safeguarding your property and family not only convenient but also affordable. Both locally owned security firms work with individual clients to customize their security needs within budgetary guidelines.

“Systems can be set up for as little as $200,” explains Jones.

“A few years ago, typically only houses in the million dollar range would install whole house systems. Now the technology is available for homes of all prices,” says Morrison.

In fact, the new systems can even help offset the small monthly monitoring fee by saving the homeowner money with lower utility costs by controlling the thermostat and lights when no one is at home.

Keeping your home safe and secure is now affordable and convenient.

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