Looking for your next hot pot fix? Look no further than 100C Grill and Hot Pot in Tulsa.

But first – what is hot pot? It’s a Chinese-style of dining where a variety of ingredients are cooked in a simmering pot of broth, right at your table. With a focus on ensuring all customers get to enjoy food exactly as they like it, hot pot is ideal for even the pickiest of eaters. 

At 100C, there’s a range of homemade soup bases, ingredients and sauces that can appeal to meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Bases range from chicken broth to beef tallow, miso soup and veggie broth. Beef and poultry options include premium beef, chicken breast, quail eggs and teriyaki beef and chicken. Other cookable options include pork, lamb, shrimp, tofu, crab and mushrooms. Don’t forget to include add-ons like cabbage, potato, asparagus, onion and taro, with noodle options like ramen, udon and noodle knots. 

Before you venture into hot pot territory, enjoy an appetizer like dim sum, chicken egg rolls, spring rolls and crab wontons. If you’d prefer to stray away from hot pot and have the chefs cook your dish up, there are a variety of entree options like sesame chicken, fried rice (with add-ons including egg, chicken, beef, shrimp and spam), along with lo mein and pepper beef. If none of that whets your whistle, you can even build your own noodle soup bowl! 

Round out your meal with a Chinese milk tea or herbal tea, alongside desserts like sesame balls and Asian sugar donuts.

Photo credit: Photo courtesy 100C

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