Authentic cuisine straight from Nayarit, Mexico, Tacos x Mezcal says it all in the name. Well, maybe not all, but tacos and tequila are the stars of this menu. 

Created by father-son duo Mario and Nic Guajardo, TXMZ embodies all the best parts of Mexican street food. 

Living between Tulsa and Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico, for over 25 years, the Guajardos spent several years developing the restaurant concept. They teamed up with Joseph Hull III and Joseph Hull IV – also a father-son team – who have traveled extensively through Mexico, developing a deep understanding and appreciation for its culture and cuisine. The team grew with the addition of chef Sebastian Renner, who comes from Punta de Mita and owns a popular restaurant there.

“Chef Sebastian developed a menu consisting of authentic Mexican street food with his creative touch and flavoring that represents the spirit of Mexican cuisine,” says Nic. “Tacos x Mezcal focuses on bringing traditional Mexican dishes that represent the countries true street food experience with a fun twist.”

From pork belly and short rib to chorizo and carne asada, tacos are priced individually, so you can create your own smorgasbord of options. 

“Everything is house-made with fresh ingredients, and for those who are vegan or vegetarian, there are many phenomenal options to choose from,” says Nic.

Before the main event, the restaurant offers a handful of starters, including vegan guacamole, ceviche and queso. 

And, of course, the tequila can’t be forgotten; the restaurant’s signature margaritas can quench any thirst. Try the passionfruit vanilla, spicy guajillo mango or the hibiscus mint. Other cocktails include the Megaloma and Horchata Imposter. End the night with a duo of traditional Mexican desserts – churros and roasted plantains. Perhaps the best part? Nothing on the menu is over $12. Eat up! – MWA; 39 E. 18th St. Tulsa;

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