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Shining Light on the ODC

Navigating all the responsibilities of life can be difficult enough for anyone, but for people with disabilities, the challenges can be exacerbated by a lack of accessibility. In the state of Oklahoma, however, there is somewhere they can turn: the Oklahoma State Office of Disability Concerns. “The Office of Disability Concerns acts as a conduit for Oklahoma citizens with disabilities...

The Power of Movement

People with Parkinson’s disease benefit physically from dance and other forms of movement, which is why retired music teacher John Gerber enrolled in the Dance for Parkinson’s class at the University of Oklahoma. He soon began to reap both emotional and social benefits. “You can be creative and you are inspired,” he says. “ are fun to be around. I...

Vanning Out in New Directions

Recent grants from the state will help two transportation systems improve their services to thousands of rural Oklahomans. The Ki Bois Area Transit System, in eastern and southeastern Oklahoma, and the Central Oklahoma Community Transit System serve many passengers who are seniors, disabled, low-income or from homes with two wage earners, but only one working car. Both systems, which follow guidelines...