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Quincy Bakeshop

Quincy Bakeshop is located in the Bradford House Café and has numerous goodies to try. Offerings include pastries, special orders, teas, coffee and cocktails. From the unique and quirky packages to custom designs, the bakery is led by owner, master baker and Oklahoma native Trisha O’Donoghue, who trained in Chicago at the French Pastry School. Her expertise include cake,...

Cherry Street Kitchen

She made crepes when she was ten, and she never left for school until she’d watched the early morning cooking shows.  “Cooking has always been in my blood,” says Jen Lindsay, owner of Cherry Street Kitchen. Her mother was friends with Ruth Young, and that’s how she came to be a server at Young’s legendary Queenie’s. She yearned to be...

Belle Kitchen Bakery and Cafe

Real and simple are the culinary watchwords at Belle Kitchen Bakery and Cafe. At two locations, highlights include the nationally recognized doughnuts, which take two days to produce; they have a unique, light and springy texture topped with hand-made glaze flavors like maple or vanilla bean. The same down-home standards are applied to the entire menu, which includes macaroons,...