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Oakhart Barbecue

Oakhart Barbecue’s hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but if you get there any time after 1:30, chances are you’ll find a locked door and a big “sold out” sign. Sometimes there’s even a line at the door long before opening time.  Oakhart’s ribs and brisket are crazy good, and the word has spread. What’s their secret? Well,...

Lessons from the Masters

Outdoor cooking isn’t alone in appealing to aficionados. Ernest Hemingway, after all, writes in his 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises that those with passion and knowledge about any activity share common traits; he equates the matador of a bullfight with the conductor of a classic symphony. Given the popularity of grilling, smoking and barbecuing in Oklahoma, it’s easy to find...

Albert G’s Barbecue

Albert G’s Barbecue has slow-smoked tasty barbecue and made side dishes from scratch since 1992. With two Tulsa locations, meat lovers can choose lunch, dinner and carry-out favorites, including the Route 66 Nachos, a concoction of tortilla chips smothered in white queso, topped with either chopped brisket or pulled pork, sour cream, tomatoes, green onions and jalapeños with salsa on...