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Style and Substance

A Recipe for Change Photos by Nathan Harmon Well-known Tulsa interior designer Jack Arnold recently took a kitchen that was hungry for a fresh look and turned it into a perfect place for frequent entertaining. After all, this isn’t just any ordinary kitchen – it is the haven of a well-known...

Bigger Family, Bigger Renovation

Photography by Nathan Harmon A well-known architect has taken a traditional Tulsa house built in the 1930s and transformed it into a picture perfect residence fit for a family. Mark Nelson adapted this two-story home in the Bren-Rose neighborhood by increasing its size from 3,400 square feet to 3,900 square...

Finding the Right Ambiance

Equipment is essential to a kitchen’s success. At the center island, loved ones watch the cook craft a party or a simple supper. The cramped, shoebox kitchen is history. Homeowners want open, fluid spaces from the living and formal dining areas into the kitchen, often designed with an outdoor view to start...

A Period of Transition

Kitchens and bathrooms have transformed from utilitarian to elaborate. Once cloistered away from a home’s living areas, the kitchen is now the family centerpiece. With amenities for dining and entertaining, today’s kitchens are often dressed in stylish tones of gray and white. "Smart" appliances with voice-activated devices assist with chores. Pantries, with ample storage room, can feature nooks for...