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Maintaining an Oklahoma Legacy

In his career as an architect, Cecil E. Ricks, president of MATRIX Architects, Engineers, Planners, Inc., has designed a variety of renovation and remodeling projects. But a venture for First National Bank Broken Arrow ranks as “one of the most fun” he’s been involved with over the years.  The challenge of renovating the...

Homes, Gardens, Pups and St. Patrick

Everything you need for sprucing up your house and yard can be found at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show on March 12-15 at Expo Square. Stick around Expo Square for the canine athleticism featured at the Tulsa Dog Training Club Agility Trials from March 13 to 15. You don’t want to miss the...

The Rooftop

In the historic Rose District, this joint is Broken Arrow’s only rooftop bar and pizza place, with plenty of indoor seating, too. Appetizers include traditional bruschetta; a soup of the day; Caprese salad with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil and balsamic reduction; and spinach artichoke dip baked in a “boat” of Cuban bread.

Young-Adult Deja Vu in Tulsa

See if this sounds familiar: An author from Tulsa, going by her initials and last name, pens a wildly popular series of young-adult novels set in Oklahoma. The books draw attention from Hollywood and, eventually, filmmakers arrive in her hometown to make movies based on what she’s written. That’s exactly what happened in...

A Specialized Ice Cream Social Tour

Capitals Ice Cream OKC The founders of this shop envision one store in each state capital, hence the plural in its title. The Oklahoma City location was created by four friends (including two brothers) so they could have something to do together. “We start with our classic vanilla ice cream as the base, but, from there, you choose toppings to be swirled...

Janet Dunlop

A self-described country girl from Verdigris, Janet Dunlop is a product of Claremore Public Schools. After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 1989, Dunlop planned to be a flight attendant until a serious car accident shifted her plans. After student teaching, Dunlop earned a master’s degree in school administration and a Ph.D. in education. She’s been with Broken Arrow...

Yin and Yang of Instruction

According to Donna Gradel, teaching is a science and an art. “It’s the artist who inspires and creates an atmosphere of innovation for their students,” the science teacher says. “I believe the standardization and programmed approach we see in education today has squeezed the artistry out of the classroom.” Gradel has spent the past 30 years in the classroom – more...