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Circle’s Birthday Festival

Around Town A Tulsa gem celebrates its 91st anniversary this month with the second Circle Cinema Film Festival, July 11-15. Just like last year’s inaugural event, this year’s showings blend the local with the national and marry films with Oklahoma ties to a broader concern of the state of independent cinema. The festival features several promising documentaries, including the intriguing Words...

Surrealism, Intrigue & Risk

Around Town The most important film event of January is out of reach for most Oklahomans: The Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah. While Oklahoma doesn’t offer its own film festival this month, January does bring the good old-fashioned entertainment of an absurd awards show. Nobody would confuse the Golden Globe Awards with high culture, but they do...

From Schmaltz to Satire

Around Town Circle Cinema’s sing-along presentations of White Christmas run Dec. 14 through Christmas Eve. Here are three quick reasons to give it a watch: The songs. Everyone knows the title song, but most of the tunes in the film are hummable and entertaining, from the archly amusing “Sisters” to the sentimental but still moving “Count Your Blessings.” The cast....