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The New You

Get Hitched Without a Hitch

The happiest day of your life should be filled with laughter, champagne toasts, romance, close friends and family. What should not be there are stress, negativity, disorganization and chaos. We offer advice, tips and a handy-dandy pros-cons list to help you plan and enjoy your wedding day. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching To make a couple’s day come to fruition, a wedding budget is...

Get Spotted

Photos by Natalie Green except Erdem image

The Perennial Blossom

Photos by Natalie Green except runway and Versace images

A Pop of Color


Grow a Green Thumb

Photos by Natalie Green Special thanks to Southwood Landscape and Garden Center, Westlake ACE Hardware, Ted and Debbie’s Flower Garden, Saks Fifth Avenue and Travers Mahan.

Love at First Wear

Photos by Natalie Green