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Cycling Excitement

Ask anyone who cycles regularly and they’ll tell you all about the importance of community.  “Whether you’re a cross-country racer or just like to have fun riding the trails, biking is more fun with friends,” says Ryan Steadley, president of the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship.  Community is also built off the bike, by volunteering to clean and maintain paths and trails.  “Without those...


Chess has been a popular game of strategy for over 500 years. But with the release of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, this activity has had it’s second coming for younger generations. Chess enthusiasts are seeing a surge in online games, and while clubs are currently taking a time-out from in-person meet-ups, they’re seeing the potential for more growth when...

Amphibian Appreciation

Herpetology, defined as the study of snakes and amphibians, is a topic that can be daunting or downright terrifying for many individuals. However, the hobby has grown quite an enthusiastic fan base in recent years.  Clubs like the Oklahoma City Herpetological and Invertebrate Society and the Tulsa Herp Club have been around for decades. These groups are an excellent spot...