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A Collector for the Ages

Just a couple of blocks off Oklahoma 66, down Pine Street in Catoosa, sits the D.W. Correll Museum, an incredible repository of rocks, minerals, fossils, antique cars and carriages, jewelry, bottles and decanters, toys, model ships and autos – and more. There’s so much, in fact, that the collection takes up two buildings.  At every turn, you’ll find something intriguing....

Collect Them All

Wayne Gretzky does it. So does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, along with legend Sir Paul McCartney.  Stars from every genre and period can be found in the Hall of Fame of their own respective specialties, but many are also playing in the big leagues of numismatics.  Defined as “relating to or consisting of coins, paper currency and medals,” numismatics may seem like something...