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The Draw of Cowboy Poetry

Joe Kreger wrote his first poem in response to hardship. Fellow cowboy poet Wallace Moore created verses in his head while on the job at a factory. Eventually their work was “discovered” by friends and relatives, and their performing careers were launched. A cowboy poet, Moore says, “is someone who believes that he or she has a story to tell....

The Story of Cowboy Jones

It started when Leatha Pierce, a volunteer for LIFE Senior Services in Tulsa, asked Bob Wiles to put together a band for a big fundraising event. She knew Wiles was the man for the job. Not only had he been a founding member of the Red Dirt Rangers, that trailblazing Stillwater band; he also knew and regularly jammed with...

Hitting the Trail Once Again

In 1950, heroes featuring African-Americans were few and far between; black comic strip heroes were even more scarce. Trailblazing and in full color, The Chisholm Kid was the exception. Running in the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation’s prominent African-American newspapers, The Chisholm Kid championed a positive image, namely a heroic cowboy on par with his white comic strip contemporaries,...