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Active Years

Exercise: the Antidote to Aging Balance and connection make life sweet, and as we begin to age, this truth becomes even more important. Older adults need a unique symmetry of movement, nutrition, community and care to make their golden years some of the best. One way to address several of...

Unifying the Body and Mind

Make Exercise Count As you make goals for exercise, consider whether you want to lose weight, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and/or increase stamina. To reach your objectives, you need a plan. “Achieving individual goals needs a blueprint,” says John Jackson, personal trainer and owner of Impact...

Coping with ‘Stress Eating’

When emotionally taxing situations arise, many people may bury their strong feelings in pints of ice cream or mounds of mashed potatoes. This practice, while comforting in the moment, is often blamed for health and weight problems. However, the actual issues associated with “stress eating” are much more nuanced than labeling a habit as simply good or bad. Many a...

An Ounce of Prevention

Natural Remedies Many people, possibly more than ever before, seek natural remedies before opening their medicine cabinets. Here are some everyday items in the grocery aisle that can support your health and withstand illnesses. Turmeric Used historically as a seasoning and medicinal herb, turmeric possesses the compound curcumin, a polyphenol that gives the spice its yellow color. As its main active ingredient,...