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2022 Great Companies to Work For

In today’s ever-changing work climate, businesses need to truly stand out to attract the brightest talent. What draws employees in, however, changes from person to person. Some look for the most competitive pay; others are more interested in a healthy work life balance or a strong culture. Some have their hearts set on finding a company dedicated to community service; others seek out places on the cutting edge of their fields. The businesses included in Oklahoma Magazine’s 2022 Great Companies to Work For feature, however, offer all of those perks and more. Industries run the gamut, from architecture to finance, construction, healthcare, technology, law and everything in between.

Financial Seeds Yield ‘Green’ Fruit

Switchgrass – a native species throughout Oklahoma – is an apt symbol for the state’s green-energy movement. Just as switchgrass takes hold and multiplies, federal seed money planted years ago has produced cutting-edge technology in the biofuels industry. An example is a mobile generator that converts biomasses – from the ubiquitous switchgrass to everyday yard waste – into electricity. A prototype...

Great Companies to Work For

What makes a company appealing to potential employees depends on who you ask. Some common answers, however, remain consistent across the board: flexible hours; substantial vacation days; quality insurance benefits; retirement packages; a strong pool of coworkers and management. Other draws are the intangible perks: a collaborative work environment; a sense of feeling appreciated; room for creativity and out-of-the-box...