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Boston by the Book

If you really want to know about a place, talk to the locals. I was introduced to Boston by a hard-boiled shamus named Spenser through the novels of his creator, Robert B. Parker.  In Spenser’s Boston, it’s the wise-cracking private investigator who tells us: “Boston Garden. Singular, as is the Public Garden. Boston Common is also singular. Hayshakers from New...

Adventure Awaits

Hayley Moser, manager at Sail Grand Waterfront in Afton, describes parasailing as “a unique combination of exhilaration and relaxation.” Allen Aboujeib, owner of Bluewater Divers in Norman, uses similar terms as he raves about scuba diving. Whether it’s a bucket-list item, a weekend adventure or a way to jazz up a vacation, Oklahoma offers a range of experiences that vendors...

Where Everything’s Just Brine

Whether you’re having a cup o’ joe at Maria’s Cafe, a cold one at the Cimarron Saloon or a look-see at the city museum, you have the Freedom to step back in time in Oklahoma’s smallest city. “Freedom takes you back to the old days,” says Roger Gagnon, manager of the Cargill solar salt plant seven miles west. “It’s where...