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Sighting Birds of Prey

The bald eagle has an important and honored place in both Native American and Oklahoma history. Long before the bald eagle became the national symbol of the U.S., or before the Oklahoma state flag incorporated seven eagle feathers on its Osage buffalo skin shield, the bird of prey was a revered and sacred symbol among the Indigenous tribes that...

Having the Time of Your Life

Options for learning ballroom dancing are around every corner. One dance studio located in Tulsa, Strictly Ballroom, offers a myriad of options for everyone from beginners to experts. Manager and instructor Rachel Morris sums up what the studio offers: “Ballroom dancing is an umbrella for all the types of dance with a partner,” she says. “We teach anything...

The Magic Within

For magicians, their fascinations with abracadabra and all things magic stem from a variety of channels.  Brian Bailey, the owner of Top Hat Magic and Fun Shop in Tulsa, has been into magic since 1978. He loved to watch his uncle perform magic tricks. Then, two local magic shop owners helped him learn enough magic to put a show together,...