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More Than Horsin’ Around

Horses are Stoney Stamper’s bread and butter, and it’s been that way in his family since 1905. But climbing into the saddle is also a lot of fun. “If you can spend a lot of time by yourself, out in nature, just you and your horse, that’s a pretty darned good day,” he says. Oklahomans have a love affair with horses. “Working...

Off to the Races

Many people have harbored an interest in horses at one time or another, especially in Oklahoma, where the animal is as ubiquitous as farms and tall grass plains. And what better way to indulge a love of all things equine than to watch live horse racing? The activity can seem complicated, with a high barrier to entry for the casual...

Woodworking, Speakers and horse racing

Tulsa’s and Oklahoma City’s town halls offer intriguing speaking engagements this month. Enjoy environmentalist and activist Alexandra Cousteau at Tulsa Town Hall’s Sept. 13 event at the Performing Arts Center. Known as the father of supply-side economics, author Art Laffer speaks at the OKC Town Hall opener Sept. 19 at Church of the Servant. For those in search of some adrenaline,...