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A Specialized Ice Cream Social Tour

Capitals Ice Cream OKC The founders of this shop envision one store in each state capital, hence the plural in its title. The Oklahoma City location was created by four friends (including two brothers) so they could have something to do together. “We start with our classic vanilla ice cream as the base, but, from there, you choose toppings to be swirled...

Roserock Microcreamery

Using all-natural ingredients, Roserock offers fresh, artisanal ice cream in a rainbow of flavors, from the familiar to the offbeat. Each batch is handcrafted in 2½-gallon units, so pretty much anything is possible. Traditional vanilla and chocolate are offered, along with specialized flavors incorporating Oklahoma bounty, such as Stilwell strawberries, blueberries, Porter peaches, local honeys and buttermilk. Vegan options are...

A Home for ‘Foodpreneurs’

Oklahoma has more miles of the original Route 66 than any other state, and Tulsa’s Mother Road Market reminds people of the highway’s historical impact. The brainchild of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, Tulsa’s first food hall on the iconic road combines innovation and learning space for food entrepreneurs, or “foodpreneurs,” as president and CEO Elizabeth Frame Ellison calls them...