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A Tribute to Willie and June

“After football practice, I remember running to the restaurant, grabbing a sopapilla, ripping it open and stuffing it full of meat and sauce. Then I’d eat it like a sandwich. I’d do it all the time; that was my favorite snack ever,” says chef Kevin Nashan.  Many years later, he’d win a James Beard award, run a stable of fabulous...

Bravos Mexican Grill

The guacamole is fresh, the fajitas are sizzling and the service is friendly at Bravos Mexican Grill, a new concept of authentic Mexican cuisine in an upscale, contemporary setting. Appetizer selections include savory queso variations and tortilla chicken soup. Nachos are an entrée category all their own, with selections including fajita nacho, taquitos nacho and supreme. Ensalada choices are...

A Vibrant, Untapped Market

A foray into a Hispanic supermarket is a journey of the senses – lilting mariachi music, bright colors and the scent of fresh tortillas. One can find Salvadoran-style crema, tamarind-flavored candy and produce you can’t find anywhere else, like cactus paddles, prickly pears, calabacita (Mexican squash) and aloe leaves. Supermercados – Spanish for supermarkets – have popped up throughout Oklahoma to...