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Exploring Native America

Infrastructure Updates Choctaw Nation It’s been an exciting summer for the Choctaw Nation, which opened a cultural center on July 23 and will cut the ribbon on a new, 1,000-room hotel tower this month. Stacey Halfmoon is senior director of the cultural center; she says the 100,000-square-foot center on 22 acres in Durant houses two exhibit halls, an art gallery, an auditorium,...

A Look Inside Wounded Knee

Before the 1973 siege at Wounded Knee, Native Americans had “to live the lie, and put their ‘Indian-ness’ away,” says Richard Ray Whitman, an Oklahoma City resident who traveled to South Dakota soon after the occupation began and stayed until a cease-fire agreement was reached. The occupation – led by 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement...