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Pushing Forward

Pat Crofts After working in Oklahoma as a consultant, Pat Crofts was happy to accept a job offer from the Muscogee Creek Nation and make the move from Nevada. He already knew that despite a commonly held belief to the contrary, eastern Oklahoma was beautifully green.  He had worked before with Native American tribes and enjoyed those interactions, and he liked...

Exploring Native America

Infrastructure Updates Choctaw Nation It’s been an exciting summer for the Choctaw Nation, which opened a cultural center on July 23 and will cut the ribbon on a new, 1,000-room hotel tower this month. Stacey Halfmoon is senior director of the cultural center; she says the 100,000-square-foot center on 22 acres in Durant houses two exhibit halls, an art gallery, an auditorium,...

A Look Inside Wounded Knee

Before the 1973 siege at Wounded Knee, Native Americans had “to live the lie, and put their ‘Indian-ness’ away,” says Richard Ray Whitman, an Oklahoma City resident who traveled to South Dakota soon after the occupation began and stayed until a cease-fire agreement was reached. The occupation – led by 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement...