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Made with Love

Nestled within the bustling Plaza District of Oklahoma City, Made with Love lives up to its name. The simple but over arching philosophy at the restaurant? Good food evokes a great mood – and you should have both in abundance. With a welcoming environment and plenty of healthy, high-quality dishes to try for brunch, lunch and dinner, you’ll certainly...

By the District

Tulsa by Tracy LeGrand Tulsa Arts One of the oldest downtown hubs, the Tulsa Arts District is rich with iconic spots, like Cain’s Ballroom and the Tulsa Theater (formerly known as the Old Lady on Brady and the Tulsa Municipal Theater). Culturally diverse and hopping, this district is where you can attend musical performances or just hang out on Guthrie Green, and participate...

Small Plates in the Plaza

During her time in college, Shelby Sieg felt uninspired. Working toward a degree she had little interest in, she surprised herself when someone asked her to name the first happy career choice that popped into her head. “I blurted out, ‘Pastry chef,’ and the rest is history,” Sieg says. Today, as executive chef of The Pritchard in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District,...