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A Race to the Finish Line

The 2022 political season began early in OKC, as voters will decide this month whether to give Mayor David Holt a second four-year term or hand the city’s top elective office to one of three challengers. Residents will cast their votes Feb. 8 in the city’s nonpartisan mayoral primary. If no candidate receives a majority, the top two will enter...

Brad Carson

Brad Carson, an Oklahoma native and the University of Tulsa’s 21st president, brings decades of experience to his new role. After graduating from Baylor University, Carson became a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford and then earned his Juris Doctorate from OU. He was a professor at the University of Virginia, a senior advisor at Boston Consulting Group,...

Getting Involved

Thomas Jefferson once said: “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Oklahoma’s participation rate in recent elections is the lowest in the nation. That’s right - 50th out of 50.   Our legislature is not accepting defeat on this issue. In 2021, Oklahoma was one of a handful of states to...