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Squisito: Prossimo Ristorante

Black leather banquettes. Tables with starched white linens. Waiters in shirt and tie. Large chandeliers with crystals glittering. A prawn bigger than a dinner plate perched atop jalapeño pesto. This is Prossimo Ristorante, new on Tulsa’s Cherry Street. Owner Jim Bausch, who also runs pizza behemoth Andolini’s, says Prossimo’s appearance is all by design. “If we’re going to do fine dining,”...

A Village Mindset

Through a tiny door near Elgin Street, past a bar area full of people waiting for a table, past the open kitchen where chefs deftly cook lobster boils and plate New Orleans-style po’boys is a huge, high-ceilinged space bustling like a carnival, full of happy families eating. Ask them if they’ve ever tasted fresher lobster and chances are you won’t...