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The Perks of Aging

Many changes come with age. Some are wonderful, like wisdom and more confidence in choices. Some changes are less pleasant. But where a person calls home and the services around them can be a smooth and welcomed transition. Finances One of the first concerns that often comes to mind when choosing a community for a senior is finances. Will this option...

Paving a Path to Health

Important Safety Measures Aging comes with new challenges, but the National Council on Aging stresses that certain habits provide numerous benefits to seniors. Those include staying active, keeping track of underlying chronic conditions, reviewing medications, getting your eyes checked and assessing your home. Falls, after all, are a major risk to seniors – a risk that is mostly preventable. “We can...

Redefining Youth

Jack Freese Attorney – Freese & March Tulsa attorney Jack Freese looks for the good in everyone. Stories about the seminal moments of his life are told with dry wit and a touch of drama. And gratitude is his middle name. “While we meet a lot of people who are angry, upset or out of sorts, the practice of law has brought...