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An Epidemic within the Pandemic

While it’s normal to experience stress during difficult times – especially a global pandemic – stress can also increase substance use and abuse. More people may drink or turn to other substances to cope with stress, sleep disturbances and even boredom, or people may drink and take drugs more heavily, increasing their risk for alcohol and/or substance use disorders. Experts...

Coping with ‘Stress Eating’

When emotionally taxing situations arise, many people may bury their strong feelings in pints of ice cream or mounds of mashed potatoes. This practice, while comforting in the moment, is often blamed for health and weight problems. However, the actual issues associated with “stress eating” are much more nuanced than labeling a habit as simply good or bad. Many a...

Rage Against the Machine

If you have you ever witnessed a toddler throwing a real temper tantrum – smashing plates on the floor, throwing forks, basically flipping tables like a tiny Hulk – you may have thought to yourself, “I really, really wish I could get away with that as an adult.” Now you can. Across the nation, so-called smash rooms allow both the stressed...