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Big Truck Tacos

An OKC institution, Big Truck Tacos is the place to visit for inexpensive, casual and downright delicious Mexican fare. You can’t go wrong with classic options that include a variety of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and tostadas. More adventurous eaters can try a torta – a Mexican sandwich  – with white bean dip, poblano-pepita pesto, red onion, lettuce...

Torchy’s Tacos

From an Austin, Texas, food truck to more than 60 locations in four states, Torchy’s treats Tulsans and OKC diners to what founder Mike Rypka calls “Damn Good” tacos. Each location has a slightly different look and aura, but every Torchy’s shop has partnerships with ingredient providers from around the world. The company also uses renewable napkins, cutlery and...