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Carlisha Williams Bradley

Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, Carlisha Williams Bradley moved to Oklahoma at age three. After graduating from Union High School and the University of Oklahoma, Williams Bradley continued her education at Syracuse University, where she received a master’s in public administration. Passionate about education and social change, she has stepped into several leadership roles, including as the executive director of...

The Power of the Youth

Kaela Verner Cascia Hall Attending: Stanford University Intended major:Biochemistry with a minor in marine biology with a pre-med track.  Biggest influence:My mom. She is the one that inspired me to be the person that I am. She is a headstrong person that takes on anything thrown at her. She is not easily discouraged and fights hard for things she believes in....

Destined for Distinction

Sahanya Bhaktaram Casady School Will attend Vanderbilt University Intended major: Communications. By getting this degree, I would have an avenue to pursue either public relations or journalism, both of which I am interested in. Biggest influences: My parents. My dad instilled in me the value of hard work and my mom has taught me to put my plans into action. I was never...