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Sweet Serendipity

An amalgam of events aligned to create the bustling Vintage Wine Bar in downtown Tulsa.  A brilliant high school physics teacher, Colin Sato, put his career on hold to become a chef. He walked into one of the city’s top restaurants unannounced and started work as a line cook the next morning.  A young bartender, Matt Sanders, decided to stock a...

Headin’ Downtown

OKC Grub Vast Nestled at the top of the 50-story Devon Tower, Vast offers fine dining and an exquisite panorama of the city. vastokc.com Patrono Patrono is a fantastic place to nab sophisticated yet affordable Italian fare before a show at the Civic Center Music Hall. patronookc.com Kitchen 324 Another feather in the cap of the Good Egg Dining Group, Kitchen 324 is a favorite...