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She’s The Boss

Women Helping Women Melena Keeth relied on advice from people who had been there when she opened her chiropractic practice in Oklahoma City six years ago. Now she has a few tips to offer other female entrepreneurs. “Don’t give up,” Keeth says. “The hardest part is hanging in there long enough to see it come to fruition.” Keeth worked with REI Oklahoma’s...

Restorative Power of Words

In 2017, then-Gov. Mary Fallin addressed an audience in Washington about what she called Oklahoma’s “dubious honor.” For decades, the state has led the nation in female incarceration by staggering numbers. That year, 151 per every 100,000 women in the state were in prison – many for drug-related crimes. As the incarceration rate has ballooned in recent years and more...

High Tech and Common Sense

We are well into the high-pressure digital age and the interconnected global economy, and those realities have affected education and how students learn. However, some non-technological strategies still prevail as young people navigate their ways out of high school and college and into the workforce. We look at a handful of areas that illustrate these dichotomies – from virtual reality and...