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No Talk Back

Before you dive into Jenks resident Joe Glyda’s new oversized hardcover publication, WWII Aviation Artwork and the Stories Behind These Beautiful Birds, take a look at the lime green bands that mark both ends of the place where spine and pages meet. As is the case with each of the vintage aircraft covered inside, there’s a story there. “When I...

Submariners on Eternal Patrol

Three Oklahoma submariners, who died with their shipmates during World War II, have been formally recognized for their ultimate sacrifices. The full honors and memorial came after their submarine, the USS Grayback, was finally found last year off the coast of Okinawa, where it sank in the East China Sea after being struck by a Japanese plane and several ships...

A Mild Place in Arctic Harshness

The Lofoten Islands – beautiful, untamed and north of the Arctic Circle in the tempestuous waters of the Norwegian Sea – bely their location as grateful beneficiaries of the Gulf Stream. The outcropping off Norway’s northwest coast enjoys mild winter and summer temperatures of 34 degrees and 54 degrees, respectively. While not Tahiti hot, it’s warmer than most places on...