[dropcap]Sticking[/dropcap] to New Year’s resolutions can be tricky. Sure, the first couple of weeks are easy, with that goal still in your mind. But what happens toward the end of January, and into the following months? Most of us will default back to old habits. Luckily, the answer to success may be as close as your smart phone. Five free apps and websites can help you keep your eye on the prize, no matter what your resolution is.


For some, the New Year is a chance to get a hold on finances and begin to save more. Level syncs with bank accounts and lets you know how much disposable income you can spend each day. Though it doesn’t have the high functionality of some other personal finance apps, it provides all info in an easy-to-read format.


Keep yourself accountable for gym days with Pact, an app that allows you to track activity and food goals. Deposit money along with your pledges, and watch your balance grow as you meet your goals. Members who fail to meet theirs pay up to the successful members.

icon3Plant Nanny

Give your water intake a boost with Plant Nanny, an app that tracks your water consumption via a small plant. Drinking too much water? Your plant will become soggy. Not enough? The plant gets sick and, eventually, dies. No one wants to see that little plant with Xs over its eyes!


Lots of apps and websites help users track food and calories, but often they come at a price. Developed by the USDA, SuperTracker allows users to track food intake and exercise for a clear picture of health decisions made over a day or extended period of time. Set goals, connect with others who share a common goal and, most importantly, get healthy. Visit to set up a free account.

icon5Take A Break!

Do you need to learn to relax and decompress? Take A Break! offers several meditation sessions, lasting from five to 20 minutes, to help users relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

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