The Best of the Best 2014

Play ball! If you build it, they will come. Back to you in the studio. Just an oil change. This will only hurt for a minute. How does that make you feel? Where are you registered? How can you walk in those heels? Dressing on the side, please.

Thousands of votes cast online over a three-month period have been tabulated, and the recipients of Oklahoma Magazine’s The Best of the Best title are announced in the following pages. We’ve added a few new categories this year as well as a section that focuses on health and well being. And of course, there are the favorites, such as best burger, hair salon, artist and concert venue. We strive to be comprehensive, but if there’s a category missing that you feel is important, let us hear about it here.

Don’t forget to promote your win on social media! #OKMAGTBOB

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