Juicing has become popular in recent years. Whether used for detoxing or as meal replacements, it’s a great option for people on the go. Luckily for downtown Tulsa’s bustling workforce, there is a brand-new juice bar for that fast-paced bunch.

In February, Sam and Jennifer Johnson opened Jennifer Juice in the lobby of the Philtower Building. They built a large kitchen in order to serve not only retail customers, but also to produce pure juices and blends in bulk for distribution to select restaurants and bars.

The Johnsons moved to Tulsa from New York City in April 2013, but Sam Johnson is an Oklahoma native.

“The core of what we do is press juice from fresh vegetables and fruit that we source as locally as possible,” he says. “We typically press between 12 and 15 different juices each week, and the lineup varies seasonally.”

Juices are served as bottle blends and cocktail-style in shot glasses at the bar.

“Raw juice had become very popular in NYC over the past several years, and Jennifer became interested in it,” he continues. “Finding nothing like it in Tulsa and impressed by Tulsa’s farmers markets, we thought the time and place was right.” 472 S. Boston Ave., Tulsa. www.jenniferjuice.com

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