Oklahoma native Lauren Makk (far right) will co-host FABLife with (from left) Leah Ashley, Chrissy Teigen, Tyra Banks and Joe Zee. Photo courtesy Disney ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution.

[dropcap]Interior[/dropcap] designer Lauren Makk has taken a seat as co-host alongside former supermodel Tyra Banks on a new daytime TV show called FABLife. Makk’s role as the Home Lifestylist on the show means she will share her signature approach to design. Her hallmark of affordable luxury focuses on a budget-friendly innovation to home design.

“A lot of people think interior design is for the rich,” says Makk. “Design can be easy and approachable.”

Makk’s views stem from her upbringing in Oklahoma. Her roots in the Sooner State inspire her designs not just in appearance, but particularly in their accessibility.

“I have lived in middle America,” says Makk. “I know what real people live like. It’s about working with what you’ve got and making it look amazing. Growing up in Oklahoma, there weren’t a lot of high-end design stores around, so I developed an uncanny ability to mix retail with resale.”

Makk spent years perfecting her signature style, considering herself an interior designer since birth. Makk’s mother is a home builder, and as a child she spent plenty of time on construction sites. Utilizing her experiences there and her art studies at the Classen School of Advanced Studies, Makk became adept at combining form and function.

[pullquote]We want every body type to [be] represented,” says Makk. “And, I don’t mean everybody, I mean every body.[/pullquote]Her willingness to explore different options inspired into her career path, too. While attending Oklahoma State University, she took advantage of a national exchange program to attend college in California. She decided to stay in California to finish her degree, and then went to work designing model homes.

Seeking an opportunity with a bit more excitement, Makk saw an ad on Craigslist that was seeking designers for a show resembling TLC’s popular Trading Spaces. Despite the risks, Makk took the leap and decided to audition.

“I killed that first audition,” recalls Makk. “I knew something magical had just happened.”

After making it through several more auditions, she was offered a job, with one amazing surprise.

“It wasn’t a Trading Spaces-like show,” reveals Makk. “It was Trading Spaces.”

She went on to also star on A&E’s Drill Team, a show that tackles home renovation on an extreme deadline.

Now on FABLife, Makk combines practical design tips and expertise with her personal journey navigating the single life and her weight loss experience.

“We want every body type to [be] represented,” says Makk. “And, I don’t mean everybody, I mean every body.”

FABLife aims to offer a wealth of practical advice through its lineup of experts: Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Joe Zee, Leah Ashley and, of course, Makk. Banks is FABLife’s authority on all things beauty and business. Culinary connoisseur and supermodel Teigen is the show’s resident foodie. Zee brings his signature styling advice and insight on the latest trends and looks. YouTube sensation Ashley shares her DIY love of upcycling, flea markets and vintage stores.

“After just filming just a few shows, I have learned so much,” says Makk. “We all seek out ideas that are real, that real people can use.”

FABLife also offers viewers the opportunity to interact with the show as well as the experts via Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.

While Makk isn’t busy filming, she loves to come home to Oklahoma any chance she can get to see family and have some of her favorite Oklahoma specialties like a Johnnie’s charbroiled burger.

“I miss Oklahoma so much,” says Makk.

After all, Oklahoma will always be home.

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