Gourmet burgers are the norm these days with all manner of sauces, edible flora and fauna thrown into the mix and smashed between a half bun. But there’s much to be said for a creative burger offering something new to trigger the taste buds, yet still recognizable for what it is. Enter The Garage, a burger and beer spot nicely situated on downtown Norman’s Main Street. Serving the classic burger, cheeseburger and even a regional specialty – the fried onion burger – The Garage offers plenty in the way of fun (peanut butter and bacon bits on the Sticky Finger), clever (ranch, bacon bits, bleu cheese, fried egg, avocado on the Cobb burger) and lux-otic (Sriracha aioli, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños and more on the queso fresco burger). If red meat isn’t on your menu, The Garage makes turkey burger versions. Its fish tacos also have been known to impress more than a few customers in both Norman and at its newer Edmond location. 307 E. Main St., Norman. www.eatatthegarage.com

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