electro-shutterstock_241328656-[Converted][dropcap]We[/dropcap] have our smartphones, Apple TV, tablets and Fitbits. It’s time we share our technology glut with our non-human family members.

Whistle Activity Monitor
$79, www.whistle.com
Does Fido need to drop a few pounds? Just make sure he gets his steps in with the Whistle Activity Monitor. This small disc attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks his activity as well as his whereabouts via GPS.

Tagg Pet Tracking System
$99.95, www.pettracker.com
For your Houdini pet, this tracker fits around your pet’s neck, and a smartphone app can give a location at all times.

FroliCat Bolt
$24.99, www.petco.com
The next generation of laser pointers, the FroliCat Bolt and other products from the company can provide endless fun for those inquisitive felines.

PetNet Smart Feeder
$149.99, www.petnet.io
This digital pet feeder gives owners the power to determine when and how much to feed pets at home via a smartphone app.

AuggieDog Stool Tool
$129.99, www.auggiedog.com
Do you dread picking up pup presents in the back yard? This tool picks up poop with the touch of a button.

Litter Robot
$369, www.litter-robot.com
A self-cleaning cat litter box, the sphere-shaped contraption uses slow rotation and gravity to remove waste.

PetCube Camera
$199, www.petcube.com
This camera allows pet owners to watch their furry friends while they are at home alone. Speak to, interact and play with your pet through your smartphone.

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