When Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ landed a Broken Arrow location in 2011, barbecue aficionados let out a collective whoop. The eatery, which had been such a boon in Kansas City, was finally coming home to its namesake. Now Oklahoma Joe’s is serving those who can’t quite make the trek to Broken Arrow for the lunch specials. Catering to the downtown crowd, Oklahoma Joe’s has set up a satellite location in what was formerly Cain’s Second Stage, nestled between the historic ballroom and the trendy Yeti bar. According to Joe Davidson, founder and CEO of Oklahoma Joe’s, the full menu offered at the Broken Arrow branch is also available at the Brady location. It does brisk business, especially on days that offer nice weather, he says. Oklahoma Joe’s also opens with a limited sandwich menu prior to most Cain’s Ballroom shows for concert-goers looking for good grub before they commence to dance. 423 N. Main St., Tulsa. www.okjoes.com

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