Brides and grooms today have a wealth of options available in engagement rings and wedding bands. Styles now go far beyond a simple diamond set in yellow or white gold. 

“There are no rules anymore when it comes to wedding rings,” says Jenn Whitekiller, designer and sales associate with Naifeh Fine Jewelry.

While white gold and platinum are still quite popular, many brides are looking toward other colors and metals, shares Donna Grant, sales associate with Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels in Tulsa.

“Brides today are combining elements of new and old creating a truly unique, elegant look,” says Grant.

Engagement rings and wedding bands using raw and rose cut diamonds and sapphires in various colors have found their way into the spotlight, shares Whitekiller.

“Many people aren’t aware that diamonds as well as sapphires come in a rainbow of beautiful, natural colors, some of which can be very unique and rare making for a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring,” explains Whitekiller. “We are making a lot of custom engagement rings in rose gold, yellow gold and alternative metals like palladium.”

You aren’t even locked into the traditional two-ring set.

“Many girls have chosen to go with just the one ring and no wedding band, while others create their own ring by using several stacking bands in mixed metals and stones,” says Whitekiller. “Couples love the fact that we can take several design elements that they like and combine them for a truly unique piece.”

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