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Photo courtesy Frontier City.
Photo courtesy Frontier City.

Saturday, August 15

He just released his latest album, This Is Not A Test, last week, and now TobyMac arrives in Oklahoma to play for fans at Oklahoma City’s Frontier City. In his career, TobyMac has had more than 11 million albums sales and won six Grammy awards, and with the release of his Top 10 single “Beyond Me,” a catchy, upbeat and motivational piece included in his most recent album, his talent doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, neither do his fans. Between the tracks of This Is Not A Test, the direction TobyMac wanted the album to go in is clear. Collaborating with artists Kevin Max and Michael Tait, alongside the new talents of Capital Kings, Ryan Stevenson and Hollyn, the album is a melting pot of genres, merging rock, pop, hip-hop and soul. Premiering a music video for “Feeling It,” on ESPN Aug. 6, the day before releasing his album, Toby said, “This Is Not A Test reminds us that there are no practice runs in life – this is it. It is a reminder to use the time we’ve been given wisely.” For more information, visit www.frontiercity.com.