From online events to musical performances and parades, Oklahoma bustles with family-friendly events in October.

Running enthusiasts: several online marathons are taking place this month. In Tulsa, try the ZooRun, hosted by the Tulsa Zoo, which can be completed any day in October ( The Tulsa Run Virtual 5K takes place Oct. 31 to continue a legacy started in 1978 ( And the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, rescheduled from April, can be completed anytime between Oct. 4-18 to honor the victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing tragedy and celebrate the gift of life ( 

For those looking for Halloween fun, you won’t want to miss HallowMarine from Oct. 25-31 at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Children and adults alike can enjoy this socially distant indoor alternative to outdoor trick-or-treating throughout the aquarium. If you’re wanting a bit more of a scare, visit the Haunted Castle Halloween Festival from Oct. 2-31 at the Castle of Muskogee. Thrill-seekers can enjoy over 62 acres of exhilaration.

Other treats this month include the virtual Fiesta da las Americas on Oct. 3. A celebration of Hispanic heritage, guests can enjoy a bevy of activities and entertainment ( Banjofest, Oct. 11-17, offers a virtual livestream of performances and jam sessions ( You can also get pumped for the virtual National Weather Festival from Oct. 26-30, which highlights weather-related technology and groups based in Oklahoma (

If you’re open to heading out into the world, visit the Red Earth Parade on Oct. 17 in downtown OKC. You can see a variety of Native American tribes represented in stunning regalia. Music enthusiasts can visit the Tallgrass Music Festival from Oct. 16-17 at 2967 W. 133rd St. N. in Skiatook for some top-notch bluegrass music.

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